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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Family,
Hey guys guess what?? I am still in Phoenix for at least one more transfer. I am sooo excited!! I get to be a part of the baptisms that are coming up this month and a half. This week hasn't been to bad. A little rejection here and there is usual, but the rejection has gone down and we have set up at least five more appointments off of just talking to people on the street. It's starting to freak me out. So much success is happening to where it's not even funny at all. We have ten baptismal dates total, and five more on the way. All ten are set for November 14th. That's going to be one big baptism. Talk about out pouring of the Spirit!!! :D
This week we have taught two of our most promising families. First we are teaching a lady with six kids. She was a referral from the Zone Leaders that we had run into on the way to her house. We talked a bit and she told us to come to her house in ten minutes. After the ten minutes passed we went and taught her a very spiritual first lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end we asked her to be baptized and she stared crying. I'm thinking at the point, "What did I do"?!! She told us that she had been wanting to go back to church for a long time and that she wants to get baptized. She also told us about her six children and how they love to go to church. Five of those children are baptismal age.
The next family that we taught was a family we have taught before. She is a single mother also with the same amount of children. Three of her six kids are baptismal age. They are very excited and want to get baptized also. They don't have any background of religion whatsoever and for them to be this excited about baptism is surprising. Anyways we have taught them three times over the past two weeks. We have taught them about the church that Jesus Christ set up. Then we taught the Restoration to them and watched the Restoration video. Then last night we taught the Plan of Salvation. They are an awesome family that loves to learn in the lessons. But get this...last Saturday we got a call from the mother saying that she wouldn't be able to meet with us or go to church because her son who is 7 got shot by a BB gun at school. They had to take him to the hospital to have surgery to take out the BB from his hip. When she called he was still completely out and hasn't woke up yet. When we taught them last night he was fine but now has a wound in his side from the gun. Isn't this crazy?!!
It sounds like the family is doing well, and that Richland if having some great success in football. :) Also sounds like Ken is having some driving success. Man it is going to be so crazy when I get home and she is driving all over the place. The Nursery sounded crazy on Sunday as well, LOL.
You know I have been thinking about what I want to go into when I get home. Maybe I should become a Psychologist. Us as missionaries, we teach but we mostly just sit and listen to people and help them. So in reality all we are when we get home are trained Psychologist, jk!!! You asked me if I wanted some Bomber stuff for Christmas and I wouldn't mind a hoodie, and also how is it coming in the search for the cd's I wanted?? Have you found them yet?
Anyways I have got to be going, I still need to e-mail the Mission President. I love you and hope you have a great week.

Love You Son,
Elder Rindlisbacher

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