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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Family,
This week was awesome. We beat the amount of lessons that we have had in the last two transfers. We had a total of seventeen lessons the whole entire week. We also got a tie bag. It is a giant sealed tarp with fifty pounds of ties. You can never have to many ties you know.

Unfortunately none of the baptismal dates stayed that were supposed to get baptized on Sunday, but on the other hand we taught a nine year old girl, who is getting baptized this Saturday. We also a a man who is getting baptized when he gets home from the Behavioral Center. Hi was an awesome investigator. He read everyday, prayed everyday and kept telling us that he is going to get baptized when he gets home. You could totally tell that he was sincere. Just the way he talked you could tell that he meant what he said. So that is two more investigators that I have brought to Christ (baptized). I have a total of six over the past six months and transfers are the Wednesday after the 28th of November, so I have 2 weeks.

On Wednesday the 10th we taught 3 families and it was an amazing day. On Thursday we watched On the Lord's Errand with one of our investigators who loved the movie and loves and believes the gospel but is having issues with the Thomas S. Monson being a Prophet, because the movie didn't show Heavenly Father talking to him directly. Friday and Saturday we taught a few families and one of them we taught the Ten Commandments in hand signs. That was fun. We help some recent converts clean they're apartment...that was interesting. All in all it was a rewarding week and I hope and pray it continues.

Sounds like the family has been doing good. Sounds like Ken's party was a success and that you were pretty beat afterwards. Well I still need to e-mail the President. I love you all!!!

Elder Rindlisbacher

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