Elder Renton McKay Rindlisbacher

Arizona Mesa Mission
6265 N 82nd St
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Family,
This week was awesome. We beat the amount of lessons that we have had in the last two transfers. We had a total of seventeen lessons the whole entire week. We also got a tie bag. It is a giant sealed tarp with fifty pounds of ties. You can never have to many ties you know.

Unfortunately none of the baptismal dates stayed that were supposed to get baptized on Sunday, but on the other hand we taught a nine year old girl, who is getting baptized this Saturday. We also a a man who is getting baptized when he gets home from the Behavioral Center. Hi was an awesome investigator. He read everyday, prayed everyday and kept telling us that he is going to get baptized when he gets home. You could totally tell that he was sincere. Just the way he talked you could tell that he meant what he said. So that is two more investigators that I have brought to Christ (baptized). I have a total of six over the past six months and transfers are the Wednesday after the 28th of November, so I have 2 weeks.

On Wednesday the 10th we taught 3 families and it was an amazing day. On Thursday we watched On the Lord's Errand with one of our investigators who loved the movie and loves and believes the gospel but is having issues with the Thomas S. Monson being a Prophet, because the movie didn't show Heavenly Father talking to him directly. Friday and Saturday we taught a few families and one of them we taught the Ten Commandments in hand signs. That was fun. We help some recent converts clean they're apartment...that was interesting. All in all it was a rewarding week and I hope and pray it continues.

Sounds like the family has been doing good. Sounds like Ken's party was a success and that you were pretty beat afterwards. Well I still need to e-mail the President. I love you all!!!

Elder Rindlisbacher

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Family,
Hey guys guess what?? I am still in Phoenix for at least one more transfer. I am sooo excited!! I get to be a part of the baptisms that are coming up this month and a half. This week hasn't been to bad. A little rejection here and there is usual, but the rejection has gone down and we have set up at least five more appointments off of just talking to people on the street. It's starting to freak me out. So much success is happening to where it's not even funny at all. We have ten baptismal dates total, and five more on the way. All ten are set for November 14th. That's going to be one big baptism. Talk about out pouring of the Spirit!!! :D
This week we have taught two of our most promising families. First we are teaching a lady with six kids. She was a referral from the Zone Leaders that we had run into on the way to her house. We talked a bit and she told us to come to her house in ten minutes. After the ten minutes passed we went and taught her a very spiritual first lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end we asked her to be baptized and she stared crying. I'm thinking at the point, "What did I do"?!! She told us that she had been wanting to go back to church for a long time and that she wants to get baptized. She also told us about her six children and how they love to go to church. Five of those children are baptismal age.
The next family that we taught was a family we have taught before. She is a single mother also with the same amount of children. Three of her six kids are baptismal age. They are very excited and want to get baptized also. They don't have any background of religion whatsoever and for them to be this excited about baptism is surprising. Anyways we have taught them three times over the past two weeks. We have taught them about the church that Jesus Christ set up. Then we taught the Restoration to them and watched the Restoration video. Then last night we taught the Plan of Salvation. They are an awesome family that loves to learn in the lessons. But get this...last Saturday we got a call from the mother saying that she wouldn't be able to meet with us or go to church because her son who is 7 got shot by a BB gun at school. They had to take him to the hospital to have surgery to take out the BB from his hip. When she called he was still completely out and hasn't woke up yet. When we taught them last night he was fine but now has a wound in his side from the gun. Isn't this crazy?!!
It sounds like the family is doing well, and that Richland if having some great success in football. :) Also sounds like Ken is having some driving success. Man it is going to be so crazy when I get home and she is driving all over the place. The Nursery sounded crazy on Sunday as well, LOL.
You know I have been thinking about what I want to go into when I get home. Maybe I should become a Psychologist. Us as missionaries, we teach but we mostly just sit and listen to people and help them. So in reality all we are when we get home are trained Psychologist, jk!!! You asked me if I wanted some Bomber stuff for Christmas and I wouldn't mind a hoodie, and also how is it coming in the search for the cd's I wanted?? Have you found them yet?
Anyways I have got to be going, I still need to e-mail the Mission President. I love you and hope you have a great week.

Love You Son,
Elder Rindlisbacher

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Family,
I know that you will be sad that my P-Day was actually today and not Tuesday. They had to change it to Monday because of training meetings the rest of the week for people who are ZL, DL, or for anyone else training for the first time. Transfers happened last Tuesday and I am staying in Phoenix. One to two more transfers in this sinful place, lol. This past week has been interesting and full of weird and scary experiences. Monday all of our appointments feel though and most of our visits too, but we did talk to twenty-seven people that day. Besides that nothing special really happened. Tuesday Juan Hernandez our very solid investigator fed us dinner, and it was delicious. We taught him the following hour and we set up another time to come back. He is going to be baptized on the 10th of October because of General Conference. Wednesday we taught a lady named Patricia. We have taught her twice and she is doing good. She came to church, but she thinks it was a bit to long for her. Later that night we taught a lady named Elizabeth who says she knows the Book of Mormon to be true and it has changed her life, but she has a problem with just getting to church. On Friday is when it got interesting!! It's about 3:30 in the afternoon and we're walking through an apartment complex. We are headed to a former's home when we find four gangsters on her porch smoking and sipping on beer. We decide that we will try again later, but one of them that we have talk to before calls us over because he wants to talk with us. So we start talking with them and one of them asked us to share our favorite scriptures out of the Bible. We pull out our Bibles and read some scriptures with them and explain to them what they mean. The next thing you know the former that we came to talk to opens her door and yells at the top of her lungs "GET OFF MY PORCH. WE ARE BAPTIST NOT MORMON. GET OFF MY PORCH NOW!!!!!!!" It took me off guard. I look at my companion and he had the exact face that I had. The face said, "What"!!! The four guys we were talking to started to freak out. One of them said "Wo wo wo wo, don't be disrespecting the Jesus boy's". It felt good when he said that. The next thing you know the former is back inside yelling at us through the window. It was hard for me not to laugh as we walked away. We then after that lady, went and taught a lady, who wants us to prepare her for baptism. She is an awesome lady but she works every Sunday, but is trying to work her schedule all out. Then after all this we TTI over 30 people which is crazy. But it was all in all a good day. We have been teaching a family with two kids who are working hard on being baptized. We were over teaching them when we heard a commotion in their front yard. They all went outside and my Companion and I stayed in not really knowing what to do. Elizabeth and Domonic came back inside and took the kids in the back room and put some cartoons on for them to watch. One of the husbands came in yelling profanity wanting to know where his wife was. After several "I don't knows", he finally left. But that wasn't the end of it. After he left a cousin came in the back door completely drunk, and screaming, starting a commotion. The mother got him out and locked all the doors and we continued on with our lesson and visit. Honestly I was concerned for my life, it was a scary situation. But the important thing is that we set the time for the baptism to happen. And on Sunday we baptized them!!! YES!!!!! I baptized Elizabeth and had to do it twice, then on Sunday I will confirm her. I am sooo excited, 3 baptisms in 4 months. IT'S SOO EXCITING!

Well the one thing I am learning on my mission is that Satan is real and he is trying to take control over the children of God, and that you should always, always put your trust in God, not yourself. God is always there waiting to help you, but you need to ask in faith for Him to help you. I will never forget my experiences that I am having on my mission. I know without a doubt that this is the true church and that Jesus my Lord, Savior, and Redeemer is the Christ, that he does loves every single one of us. I know that God our Father in Heaven had confidence in us and wants to help us in any situation that we are caught in. We just need to ask for his help. I know without a doubt that we are children of God and that the job that I am doing now will affect my life and lives of those I talk to forever. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love and miss all of you but I am doing fine and loving the people here in Arizona!!

Your Son
Elder Rindlisbacher
It sounds like the family is doing well!!!