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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Family,
Well, I saw the picture Dad sent me of my car =0 ....... I pooped my pants AND had a heart attack. But I guess that doesn't matter right now, especially if its getting fixed. What matters right now is my Companion and I have just set two baptismal dates in two days off the first lesson. The first person is Ivan. He lives in a trailer park about two miles from our apartment. He's very open and wants a better life. He's about 20 years old. We set up a time with him and taught him a 30 minute lesson standing up, (not that standing is better) haha! He was answering the questions like a good investigator would and was really into the lesson. At the end, Elder Shupe and I felt that we needed to commit him to baptism.. So we asked him "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ our Savior, and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God?" He looked at us and said "Yeah...I will", my mind went blank so fast because I was so happy. He is getting baptized at the end of next month. Next is Juan Hernandez. He was an older guy around the age of 40. He saw us as we were making visits in the old apartments we call the Projects and he called us over to talk to him. So we went and started to talk to Juan. We found out that he loved talking about God and Jesus Christ and he knew that it was what we do. So we taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and talked about Priesthood authority. The lesson took about an hour by the time we finished. We did baptismal questions that we did with Ivan and Juan's response was "Yeah I will, I have been baptized twice already and feel that it would be important for it to be done with this Authority you talk of. I also feel that it will bring me more blessings". =0 BOOM....blank mind again and a rush of happiness =D. I have got to learn to respond after those better, but it was awesome!!! We are harvesting the fruits of our hard work. It was truly a miracle.
It's exciting but yet scary that McKenna starts Drivers Ed here in a little bit. I was scared at first, but I turned out ok. Just make she she obeys the laws of the road. I was going to ask this last time but is Garret still taking the discussions. I hope he is or I'll be sad, :'(
Well I went to the Temple today and enjoyed a good Endowment session. The feelings in the temple are so amazing. So amazing that I would like to live in the Temple, but I can't. Now I'm emailing you guys and now I'm ending my e-mail. I hope you have a great week. Be safe out there and no more car or wake boarding accidents!!!!

Love, your Son and Brother
Elder Rindlisbacher

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