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Arizona Mesa Mission
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Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Family,
My week has been good, besides the people who cuss you out and stuff, but besides that it is good. We have gained 9 investigators on top of last weeks 9 investigators. We have 4-5 baptismal dates set and are excited for them. The weather has been brutal. It has not cooled down one bit. It has been 115 degrees all week. It wasn't suppose to get above 110, but it did, can't say I'm not surprised.
I did get the coat and goodies in the mail. You guys might be right, it might be to heavy up here for Arizona, especially in Phoenix But it'll be good for a rain coat for when the monsoons come. I have not sent my memory card in the mail yet because I'm waiting for the monsoons to come so I can' get some pictures and videos of them for you. Either that or I can send the other memory card, you choose because your the one doing my blog.
I can't believe Dall got to go to the Kings of Leon That lucky boy!!! I would love to go see them in concert, but I guess those are the things you get to miss out on when you are on a mission. That stinks that he got into an accident, I'm glad they're ok, but life goes on and sometimes that happens. Those are some funny pictures you sent on the SD card of Dallon. I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of his dog and McKenna's destroyed dance costume. I knew she would be a trouble maker.
Ken sounds like she's having a fun and very busy week, But you'll have to tell some of those annoying boys to leave her alone or they'll have to face my wrath when I return. Trust me I won't forget! Sounds like you've been busy in the back yard for the past couple of months while I've been gone. The pictures of the missing hot tub look crazy, glad I missed it!!
I've had so many amazing experiences that there's no way I can deny the truthfulness of the gospel. The experiences I am having are truly faith and spiritual building experiences and I know I'm doing what the Lord wants and that he is pleased with me.
Well I only have a few minutes to e-mail the Mission President so I have to go and I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Son
Elder Rindlisbacher

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